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Riverbend Farm Reading Recommendation                                 January 15, 2017

If you have ( or are going to have)  small kids you should read this.  It is also worth reading if you are not interested in eating any more chemicals than you need to.

The transcript is  long and involved and they talk about numbers without sticking to one set of units.  But it is important. It is winter. Nights are long and the roads are slippery. Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in by the fire for half an hour.

Note on units:

One kilogram (kg) is 1000 grams. One gram (g) is 1000 milligrams (mg).   One mg is 1000 micrograms (µg).

A million is 1000 thousands.

1 mg is one part per million of 1 kg.

1 µg. is one part per billion of 1 kg.

This is the transcript  . Who ever was transcribing it did not get quite all the words right, but, you know, I have to look at the keyboard when I type and seldom get it right…

If you would rather listen to a podcast,  follow this link  .

The original report that they are talking about it is found here.  . I have not yet read the entire report but the podcast covers a lot of it.

Spoiler Alert: The good news is that they provide a way to do something about eating RoundUp  all the time – eat organic food.  It lowers your consumption by 90%.

The real question is Are we better off  living in this sea of chemicals ?