A Wet Week update

We have had ( as of 6 am) 4.2″ of rain since Saturday night and a little over 5″ in the past week. It is wet. We did get about 900 kale and cabbage plants set out while the weather was nice last week. I seeded a few rows or radishes and arugula too.

Seeds are still showing up
This is $276 worth of squash, broccoli, and cabbage seed.  There are a total of 4000 seeds in those packets.

Knowing that the rain was coming I tried to get the oat and pea green manure crop seeded on Friday and Saturday. Disking and most of the planting of the oats went well, but
progress came to a rather sudden halt when I drove through a dead furrow while turning around and snapped the the spindle off on the right front wheel.
Here is another view where you can see the dead furrow and the grain drill behind the tractor.
I had broken the spindle on the other side about 15 years ago trying to pull out a dead apple tree. At that time our neighbor Marty welded it up and I put it back on. ¬†After that I had bought a spare spindle just in case the weld didn’t hold. The welded spindle is fine to this day.
The spare does not look a well made as the original, but the tractor was fixed and moving again in about an hour. I did not get the peas finished, but did get them planted in what would be the wettest part of the field. Now if it dries up even a little I can plant the rest of the peas and not get stuck or make a mess. Hopefully the weather will dry out at the end of the week and we get back to planting.