GMO bill hearing

GMO Labeling Law Hearing

There is a hearing tomorrow morning in the House Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee on House File 3140, the GMO labeling law. It is an informational hearing that sets the stage for trying to pass the bill next year.

Please contact the committee and thank them for holding this hearing. If one of your representatives is on the committee, all the better.  It won’t hurt to add a brief statement why you think Genetically Modified ‘food’ should be labeled.  Be polite and to the point, we want them to help us.

I was surprised by the warm reception I got from our Republican state Senator when I talked to him about the bill when it was being introduced.  Accurate labels are important if we are going make good decisions about what we are eating. A link to the Commerce Committee is below.

Since this is an informational hearing, it is not critical that you contact them today, but sooner is better than never…